The 7 Best Business Podcasts in Australia

The 7 Best Business Podcasts in Australia

If you’re a business owner or want to start a business than we have something for you! Counting Kit has found 7 of the best business podcasts in Australia. To find out why we love these podcasts, keep reading on:

Most business owners are time-poor and struggle to schedule in some time to learn. If this sounds like you, podcasts might be the answer! I struggle to sit down and read a book without being distracted, so I listen to podcasts on the way to work, while at the gym or doing housework.

In Australia, we are lucky to have access to numerous smart and interesting business owners and professionals willing to share their knowledge with the world. They’re also the hosts of some of the best business podcasts in Australia (According to Surplus Nerds).

Best Business Podcasts

Small Business Big Marketing

The Small Business Big Marketing Show is the creative genius of marketing expert Tim Reid or as his listeners known him, Timbo. The Small Business Big Marketing Show has over 500 episodes and regularly has guest interviews with the owners of some of Australia’s leading businesses. The show is packed full of Marketing tips and tricks that business owners can use to improve marketing in their own business. 

What their listeners say “I’ve been a listener to Timbo’s Small Business Big Marketing Show since 2012, and I still tune in weekly. The best marketing podcast I’ve found, the best small business podcast I’ve found, and possibly the best podcast I’ve found. Educational, entertaining, inspiring, varied, motivational – if I’m ever in a business rut, ever unsure or unclear what to do next, I pop on an episode and the business & marketing strategies roll out. There’s gold in this podcast. Fill your ear holes.”

The Mentor With Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris is one of Australias most well-known business personalities and the host of The Mentor with Mark Bouris. Bouris has access to some amazing guest and business leaders within Australia and has in-depth interviews exploring how they got to where they are. I like the “no Bullsh*t” interview style and how Bouris gives the guest the option to ask him a question.

What their listeners say “Thank you so much Mark!!! Your podcast is so so inspirational and full of heaps of guidance and motivation…. Please keep it up! I wait for it weekly and I’ve forwarded it to my kids and told my friends about it too. Thanks again. And all the best!!!”

Mind Muscle Project (In the Black)

Now, this is not your typical business podcast. The Mind Muscle Project is a fitness podcast. Each Friday hosts Lachlan Rowston and Raph Freedman produce a show called “In the Black”. Rowston and Freedman own multiple successful gyms in Sydney and their “In The Black” show discuss the business side of gym ownership. What I like about this show is although there’s a focus on fitness, the lessons learnt can be adapted to most businesses.

What their listeners say “This podcast is very insightful. They always have great guests on and ask thoughtful and stimulating questions. They also interact very well with the guest and each other. They don’t speak over each other which many other podcast hosts do. You won’t regret listening to them.”

Superwoman…we ain’t

Superwoman…we ain’t is hosted by the superstar founder of Boost Juice, Janine Allis and Executive Coach Margie Hartley. The Superwoman…we ain’t podcast discusses the sides of the business that aren’t so glamorous. The hosts discuss all aspects of business, including getting started, growing your business and managing business with a family. I love that this podcast allows you to learn business lessons from two Australian business experts. 

What their listeners say “This is my favourite podcast at the moment. I love listening to it when running on really long runs (21km+) and find some of the concepts quite deep so tend to go back and listen to each episode more than once. It makes you feel really positive about life in general.”

How I built this

While How I Built This isn’t an Australian Podcast, it still deserves to make the list. How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz who interviews the founders of some of the worlds greatest businesses. The show is produced by National Public Radio (NPR) and has a new episode each week. One of my favourite episodes is an interview with Melanie Perkins, the Australian founder of Canva

What their listeners say “Excellent podcast, very engaging speakers and conversation. Guy allows the guests to speak freely but also engages with them rather just ask questions one way. The podcast creates a very vivid experience to the listener, great to listen and become immersed in the conversation. Keep it up.”


Foundr is an online magazine publication from Melbourne Australia that is complemented by an amazing podcast. The Foundr podcast is hosted by Nathan Chan. Chan interviews the owners of successful business from around the world. I love how committed Chan is to the show, he recently travelled to San Francisco to interview the co-founder of Dropbox, Dre Houston.

What their listeners say “Beyond the calibre of guests and value on the podcast, Nathan is an authentic interviewer who is down-to-earth and genuinely wants to give us the best content to empower us. The amount of value I have gotten from listening to this podcast is way beyond my expectations! I am grateful to him and looking forward to new episodes.”

The Dent Podcast

The Dent Podcast is hosted by Glen Carlson, a co-founder of Dent Global and Key Person of Influence that runs accelerator programs for entrepreneurs. The Dent Podcast interviews business owners from around the world and shares their story. The show is complemented by Carlson’s great interviewing skills that allow listeners to pick up plenty of tips for their businesses. 

What their listeners say “I love this podcast and share ideas I pick up from both Glen and his guests regularly. I recommend it to anyone who runs a business and is looking for insights on how to be more effective and influential in their chosen market.”

With the rise in popularity of podcasts and the success of “startup culture,” there are hundreds of business podcasts with hours of content, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. Hopefully, this list can cut out some of the noise. If you know of a business podcast that we should be listening, please let us know. 

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